When to ask for Help

By asking for help before reaching a crisis point, caregivers can head off feelings of frustration and resentment. Organizing caregiving meetings is one way to ensure that help is available on a regular basis.
Knowing when to ask for help is just as important as acknowledging that you do need help. Too often, caregivers wait until they are at the end of their rope before seeking assistance. Waiting too long can cause you to unconsciously phrase your requests as demands, allowing pent up feelings of frustration and anger to surface unexpectedly. The person you have finally asked for help may react to your emotions and not respond as you had hoped. Unfortunately, this can push caregivers back into a negative cycle of resisting help and then resentment builds up even further. Many caregivers have vowed never to ask for help again, when if they had only asked for help a little earlier, things could have gone more smoothly. So to reiterate?it is important to know when to ask for help.

Do Not Wait for a Crisis to Ask for Help!

Have regular meetings. Ideally, you should have regular meetings with all the people involved in a senior’s care. Regular meetings ensure that people have an opportunity to discuss their needs and any other issues they may have. It is important that people know that they will have the opportunity to be heard. This lessens anxiety and gives people a chance to talk about concerns before they become issues.

Meetings Can Help All the Pieces to Fall Into Place

During these meetings, people can discuss their needs and responsibilities. Caregivers can bring up items that need to be addressed, identify days that they need help, and just generally solicit assistance. Participants can make a caregiving schedule to ensure that everybody understands their responsibilities and that all the pieces fall into place.

Express Appreciation, Get Appreciation

Regular caregiving meetings are also an important time to validate all the hard work that caregivers do. Appreciation, coordination, and acknowledgement are all key to getting the help you need