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Finding the most appropriate senior living community is difficult enough, but add to it the stress of being a caregiver or health problems of your own, it can be next to impossible. Then you wonder, is the place reputable, will they provide the appropriate levels of care, or is it affordable?

Aging Life Care Managers understand that people want to stay in their own homes for as long as possible and our Life Care Management and Homemaker/Companion services are designed to help them do just that. However, issues such as safety or the increased cost of care at home can make staying at home no longer a viable option.

Our  Aging Life Care Management team at Advanced Senior Solutions, Inc., will begin the placement process by accurately and unbiasedly assessing medical, emotional, functional, safety and budgetary needs. Then, based on your unique needs and preferences, we will recommend the appropriate retirement communities, assisted living, memory care units or nursing homes. We’ll even take you on tours, ask the right questions, and review their licenses, staffing patterns, credentials and state reports.

Unlike the many “free” placement agencies that are all over the internet, rest assured, we have NO vested interest in the places we recommend and receive NO finder’s fees or commissions. (That would be a direct violation of the standards of practice and code of ethics established by the Aging Life Care Association). Our recommendations are based strictly on your needs, budget and preferences.


We also offer Relocation Services and Home Management, Home Watch:

We truly understand the stress involved in making this huge change. For those who are making the move, Advanced Senior Solutions relocation services can either help you every step of the way or just take care of the parts that you find most overwhelming. We provide a one-stop Relocation Program and have carefully selected a team of professionals who will provide the following services:

  • Support Specialist: Your assigned Support Specialist is actually a degreed Life Care Manager who will arrange for the appropriate professionals and services listed below and will be on-site when they are coming in and out of your home. She will make sure your move is as stress free as possible by tending to the tedious details involved in relocating such as changing the address, notifying utility companies and keeping track of all schedules, time lines, and other important information.
  • Real Estate: One of our preferred realtors (because they have proven outcomes) will provide you with a complimentary consultation and market comparative analysis to help you determine the value of your house and whether it makes more sense to sell or rent your home. If renting is the best option, we’ll refer you to property managers in our area.
  • Packing/Moving: Your Support Specialist will coordinate and oversee all of the arrangements with the moving company and will be on-site when the movers pick up and/or deliver your belongings to your new residence. We can also arrange for the shipping of any items to your distant family members.
  • Appraisal / Liquidation / Estate Sale: We will arrange for a professional certified appraisal from an established firm in our area and we will be with them while they are in your home. We will obtain bids from Estate Sales companies who will sell the remaining household furnishings. We will also obtain fair market values on your car and handle that sale. We can also arrange for liquidation services and/or donate the remaining items to your favorite charity.
  • Handyman / Cleaning Service: We will obtain estimates from services such as handyman, cleaners, painters, appliance repair, etc., in order to determine the most cost effective ways to prepare the house for optimal showing to potential buyers or renters. We will oversee and report on the work done in the home. 
  • Home Management:  Your Support Specialist will help obtain written estimates from reputable service providers such as plumbers, electricians, contractors, handymen, cleaners, painters, appliance repair, etc.  Once you approve the specific work to be performed at the price quoted, we will help you schedule the work and then oversea that the work is satisfactorily completed.   
  • Home Watch: If you are not ready to sell your home yet, or are a seasonal resident, or travel frequently, our Support Specialist will make routine visits to your home to make sure all is secured and in order. Water plant, check for plumbing leaks, pest control, breached entries, broken windows, lawn maintenance in being performed, grass is being watered, and pool is being cleaned. 

To reach one of our Advanced Senior Solution’s team members, Contact Us Here  or call 727-443-2273. We’re here to help you.