Fiduciary & Executor Support

Many of our clients have family members who live out of state or even out of country. Some don’t have family or anyone at all that they can trust or depend on. We recognize the need for an independent objective professional who can serve as one’s Fiduciary, Power of Attorney, Health Care Surrogate or Personal Representative (Executor).

Being appointed in this trusting role is a serious responsibility that we do not take lightly. Therefore, we always offer a free introductory visit so you can get to know us better, build confidence in us, and develop the trust necessary to provide you with a peace of mind.

We will be there for you whether you need us to be your agent for a Power of Attorney or you need our knowledge and experience in healthcare to be your Health Care Surrogate. We will help make sound financial or health related decisions when you are not able to, whether it’s due to an illness, surgery, disability or injury. We will work in conjunction with your attorney, financial planner, bank, accountant, doctor and other financial or healthcare providers.

Whether your estate is being settled through probate or a trust, the tasks involved can be daunting, time consuming and emotionally charged for the family member or friend that you’ve appointed to handle your affairs. As your Personal Representative for your Will, we’ll make sure your last wishes are followed in a careful, yet efficient, manner.

Having a Power of Attorney and a Health Care Surrogate in place helps to avoid a guardianship from taking place. Guardianships can be costly and undignified. Specific rights (Limited) or all of your rights (Plenary) will be taken away from you by a court magistrate. You could be assigned a professional guardian who doesn’t know your wishes to remain in your home and not to be placed in a facility. Guardians have the authority to place you against your will. I’ve completed the course in Guardianship but have chosen not to work as one. I would prefer to work with an individual who still has the capacity to make their own decisions, help them to understand the importance of executing Power of Attorney and Health Care Surrogate documents that extend beyond incapacity and avoid the expensive guardianship process.

Being that we are members of the American Association of Daily Money Managers, most of the basic Bill Paying services are offered through our Daily Money Management Program. As a Fiduciary, the basic bill paying services are included but the additional services are offered:

  • Review, negotiate and sign contracts as your agent.
  • Review, identify and dispute errors in invoices, statements, insurance claims.
  • Provide regular accountings and reporting.
  • Involve other professionals as needed such as attorneys, accountants, financial planner, doctors, home care services and other financial or health care services.
  • Apply for government benefits such as Medicaid and VA working in conjunction with a Medicaid Planning or VA Accredited Attorney.
  • Act as a custodian or fiduciary of VA benefits.

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