Daily Money Management

Daily Money Managers (DMMs) provide confidential assistance to those who have difficulty managing their everyday monetary affairs. Services range from organizing financial, medical and insurance papers, to assisting with check writing and maintaining bank accounts as well as scam awareness and reduction.

DMMs complement the work of other professional such as accountants by facilitating the completion of the day to day tasks rather than determining long-term plans.  For example, a DMM can organize and maintain accurate financial records for you throughout the year so your accountant can easily prepare tax returns. Then we can make sure they are correctly signed, that the appropriate checks are attached, and that returns are mailed on time.

Another example is that we can help determine how much care at home you can afford, or if you qualify for government benefits such as Medicaid or VA, or maybe it’s more cost effective for you to consider moving into an independent or assisted living community. (Our Aging Life Care Managers can help by fully assessing your level of care needs, researching and recommending the appropriate places for you or your loved one).

We also recognize other relevant issues and refer you to the appropriate professionals and services qualified to assist you such as an attorney, accountant or financial planner. 

DMMs can assist you with:

  • Organization of paperwork, downsizing junk mail, setting up filing systems, saving what’s important, shredding outdated documents, or helping with budget planning.
  • Monthly, bi-weekly or weekly Bill Paying Assistance such as check writing and bank statement reconciliation.
  • Scam Awareness, reduction and advocacy. We have a proven track record in getting money returned to our clients from organizations who scam as well as assisting our local authorities in gathering evidence needed to bring charges against individual offenders.
  • Disputing insurance claims, investigating other billing issues, or filing insurance claims for reimbursements.
  • Setting up and Training you on how to use online banking systems.
  • Drafting letters and corresponding with other professionals on your behalf.
  • Determining eligibility for Government Benefits such as Medicaid or VA. Referring to Medicaid Planning and VA accredited Attorneys for all options associated with protecting assets and estate planning. We stay involved throughout the entire process so you don’t fall through the gaps.

To reach one of our Advanced Senior Solution’s team members, Contact Us Here  or call 727-443-2273. We’re here to help you.