Best Ways to Care for an Aging Loved One from a Distance

It is a difficult time for parents when the children are no longer there. Especially, due to the progression of age, when elderly parents require special attention.

Distance is a troublesome factor when you have to care for an aging loved one. That is why it is important to prepare in advance to be able to deal with situations like this.

Fortunately, there are numerous solutions which overcome the barrier of distance and will help you maintain frequent contact with your loved ones.

Communication Is Key

We live in an age of continuously developing technology and advancements in communication are made as we speak.

Being far away from home is no longer a reason to break contact with relatives or have a distant relationship with the parents.

Smartphones are instrumental in helping us care for an aging loved one. They are devices elders can easily learn to use and offer the possibility to call whenever the situation needs or give the ability to access social media.

With the power to exchange photos and messages, numerous social media platforms offer the possibility to remain updated with your family member’s activity.

Technology as a Virtual Assistant

Keeping in tune with the ease-of-use of smartphones, many companies have developed a technology which is aimed at improving the quality of our livelihood.

Many of these devices are ideal for seniors who may experience increasing difficulties in dealing with daily chores. For example, smart home technology automates the climate, lighting and security around the house without the elder having to make considerable efforts.

Also, some other devices are created specifically to deal with emergency situations. Fall detectors offer the possibility for the elder to send a distress signal for help.

Also, unlike previous times, with advancements in transportation, distance becomes just a nuisance. While not often, you can still visit your family members even if they live across the state.

It goes without saying your presence at home makes it easier to care for an aging loved one.

care for an aging loved one

Let the Experts Care for an Aging Loved One

If the distance between you and your loved ones proves itself to be a great inconvenience, then it’s time to get a Aging Life Care Manager involved.

In this case, the best idea would be to employ the assistance of experts. These can range from a wide variety of services, which can consist of:

  • Education with a focus on prevention. To identify what risks the elder is exposed to.
  • Professional advice. Recommendations on how to keep safe and improve the elder’s quality of life.
  • Supervision offered by qualified personnel. Ranging from home nurses or caregivers who assist the elder.
  • High alert in the event of a crisis. Our aging life care managers are there for emergency intervention in case of accidents.
  • Financial and legal planning. Helping the family deal with the paperwork in an end of life scenario. This may involve the services of liquidators, attorneys or accountants.

Distance Is No Longer a Reason Not to Care

With so many ways to maintain contact and provide care, nowadays, you no longer have any reasons to feel guilty about not being permanently on your loved one’s side.

If you require further assistance, contact us or call 727-443-2273. Advanced Senior Solution’s team members are here to help!