Are you a Caregiver?

Most people who provide care for a friend or family member don?t think of themselves as a caregiver.

You may not consider yourself a caregiver, but do you regularly:

  • Drive a family member, friend or neighbor to doctor?s appointments?
  • Make meals for someone?
  • Help someone with household chores such as cleaning, grocery shopping, lawn care, etc?
  • Make regular phone calls to someone to ?check in? on them?
  • Provide hands-on care, including bathing, help eating, toileting, or other help?
  • Help someone make decisions about medical decisions?
  • Assist someone with personal business affairs, such as bill paying?
  • Are you managing Mom and Dad?s checkbook or paying their bills?
  • Do you go grocery shopping for an older family member or friend?
  • Do you miss work to care for your parents or spouse?
  • Are you under a great amount of stress due to the needs of your aging parents?
  • Are you caring for both your parents and young children?
  • Are you worried about an older family member who lives in another city?
  • Are you neglecting your needs to meet the needs of others?

    If you answered yes to one or more of these questions you may be a caregiver.

    Caregivers provide support to someone who needs help. It doesn’t matter how many hours per week are spent providing support. Caregivers may live with the person they are caring for, providing assistance with daily needs, or may visit the person weekly or call regularly. Being a caregiver involves an investment in time, energy and support.